my surprise party decorated in pastels

For those who do not know what today is, I will tell you. It is my 18th birthday! This is one of those days I never thought would actually arrive. But here it is and I couldn't be more happier. really. This will be, without any kind of hesitation, my best and most memorable birthday for life. I have been surprised in a lot of different ways this week and celebrated by my exeptional friends and family.
these wonderful bunch of people above threw me an outstanding magnificant surprise party the other day, with the most wonderful theme, pastels. as you most likely can figure out by our dress code. I had absolutely no idea of what was about to happen. Jonas and I were on our way home, from some lovely days of tenting and watching the sunset and sunrise (which I will show you pictures from later). And when we drove up on the driveway the whole garden was decorated in pastels in the most imaginal ways. I have, with no doubt, never been so chocked (in a good way, of course).
I had the most wonderful time with the most wonderful people. This I will never forget. Thanks to all of you, for the thousand time who were there and made it the absolutely best night of my life, so far.
of course this is just a minimal part that night, I have a thousand of wonderful pictures that I will post later.
tack och hej leverpastej.

Postat av: juliaaa

åh gullet :'))))

2012-06-19 @ 14:53:46
Postat av: Miranda

vad kul! fina vänner du har :--)

2012-06-21 @ 19:45:41
Postat av: ElinStrååt

Härliga bilder!

2012-06-21 @ 23:51:59
Postat av: lovisa/polichinelle

man vill ju bara, bara, bara vara där.

2012-06-24 @ 17:30:16
Postat av: Ellen (alatariel)

Åh så fint. :)

2012-06-30 @ 09:38:04

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