these silly little wounds will never mend, in white houses

okay so these pictures should have been posted weeks ago, but I totally forgot about them.
But I like them too much to not show them to you. Remember the theme night I was teeling you about a few weeks ago: "teenagers wear pastels" that Amanda and I had. A night filled with pastels in different ways. these photos were shot that night. I don't wear cute dresses like these very often. I think I should though, you feel so much more elegant. Like you are in a movie or something.
whatsoever, the flowery lace top is from H&M, the two powder colored skirts from Monki and a vintage store in Woodstock. The shoes I found in a small store in New York and the shirt top is Gina tricot, actually, but the collar I made myself.
tack och hej leverpastej.

Postat av: sofie

Så fiiin! <3

2012-05-23 @ 12:36:39
Postat av: Pouline △


2012-05-23 @ 22:43:09
Postat av: tyra

Fin blogg!! Gör mig glad och va med i min veckans blogg och tävla om att bli länkad för mina 300-900 läsare :)! Vad du behöver göra för att vara med kan du läsa här: KRAM!

2012-05-25 @ 21:32:40
Postat av: Hayley

Your outfit is adorable! its so cute and pretty! You look great, i really want to go back to New York :( my boyfriend is off there in August lol

Hayley xx

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