A Poseidon Fontain Was Distracted By A Navy Coat

On one of the many walks we went on we passed the huge Poseidon fontain, which has its place right in the middle of Gothenburg. It is beautiful. This was the day when I re-did my hair and cut of almost all of it. I wore my new denim skirt, new red top, new striped sporty-style jacket and my new navy coat with a fur cap. I was all new that day. Don't you just love those days when you've put something totally fresh and new on your back? I most certainly do. The most wonderful thing about all these new things, is that I found it all at different second hand stores. Talk about amazing, huh? 
However, I am so happy about my new coat. I have always loved navy-colored things, it is not dull lika black, but it goes with everything. Have you noticed the fur cap? It is really soft and cozy and even if it is not that much fur, I feel a lot like little lucy in Narnia. Perfect for the winter season.
tack och hej leverpastej.

Postat av: Tess

Snyggt! :)

2012-11-18 @ 10:13:24
URL: http://tesswaltenburg.blogg.se
Postat av: Pyrola

Åh blåa lack-Martens. SÅ snygga!

2012-11-18 @ 11:26:59
URL: http://www.denriktigapyrola.blogg.se
Postat av: lovisa/polichinelle

vilken otroligt fin jacka!

2012-11-18 @ 14:01:02
URL: http://polichinelle.se
Postat av: StyleGodis.com

Hej! Kolla in det senaste inom kläder och accesoarer i nya LA shoppen www.stylegodis.com :)

2012-11-20 @ 01:54:39
URL: http://stylegodis.com
Postat av: aliengirl- artist,designer & actor

Really nice pictures! :D

2012-11-20 @ 10:35:47
URL: http://aliengirllouise.blogg.se
Postat av: ttille

grym stil du har tjejen!

2012-11-20 @ 19:33:15
URL: http://ttille.blogg.se

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