a surprising fairy tent story

So I figured I should show you a special event from this summer that I created, that I am very proud of. It truly is more than okay to be proud of something you've accomplished, even if some people may express the opposite. We often tend to underestimate ourselves, which is very wrong and unnecessary and unfair to yourself. We are able to do much greater things than we know of. 
 however, my dear boyfriend's birthday was coming up, and I thought I would do somthing special, which came out to be a sort of surpise thingy. While he was working I spent the whole day preparing for his home coming. Which, among other things, included buliding the most wonderful little tent, with anything useful that I could get hold of. It actually turned out pretty great. I cooked dinner, made dessert, put it in a basket and prepared a picnic outdoors beside the tent. Lighted some candles, wrapped the presents and turned on some music. When he came home there was a few notes of clues wainting for him, which was supposed to lead him to the picnic I had prepared. It was amazing to see the look on his face when he finally got there. It was very appreciated.
I am well aware of the fact that a simple cake and some presents would have been enough, he would have been just as happy. But that wasn't the point. I think everyone deserve some kind of surprise, something unexpected. And let's be honest, the reaction and look on a person's face, when surprised, is truly irreplaceable. It is much more fun this way, don't you think, doing something even greater? 
tack och hej leverpastej.

Postat av: Hayley

gorgeous photography! I love this whole set up, i know what you mean simple plans do make people happy but for someone who you care and love about you want to go all out!

Hayley xx

Postat av: Anna

WOW vad fint gjort! Sånt där är ju det alldeles bästa man kan få!!!! :)

2012-10-14 @ 19:28:57
URL: http://annalena.blogg.se
Postat av: twothings

åååh vad fint<3.

2012-10-16 @ 16:33:10
URL: http://twothings.devote.se/
Postat av: Martina

Smart idé tycker ja absolut du ska va stolt över :) Lite klurigare när ens pojkvän fyller mitt i vintern :P

Svar: Tack tack! Jo, i alla fall att göra ett tält ute, kan bli lite väl kallt. Men ett tält är otroligt mysigt och även lättare att bygga upp inne. jag tycker absolut att du ska ge det ett försök!

2012-10-18 @ 12:54:13
URL: http://annamartinas.blogg.se
Postat av: Olivia

Så fruktansvärt mysigt! Blir sjukt inspirerad av din blogg! Vad fotar du med för kamera? // Olivia

Svar: Men tack så otroligt mycket! Vad roligt att höra! Jag fotar med en Nikon D90 och för det mesta med mina objektiv 50 mm 1,4 bländare och fisheye 10 mm med 2.8 bländare, men jag har andra också.

2012-11-13 @ 21:24:11
URL: http://kompakt.blogg.se
Postat av: Zelda

Använder du dig av ett fisheyeobjektiv på vissa bilder eller är det något du fixar i efterhand? kram:)

2012-11-14 @ 13:29:40
URL: http://zeldaringstroms.blogg.se

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