A Pastel Rooftop

The other night Amanda and I brought the camera and ourselves out on the rooftop, right outside my bedroom window. The most perfect pastel sky was starting to appear, as you clearly can see on the photos. During the summer up here in northern Sweden it never gets dark at night, it's like te sun never goes down. But now when the summer is heading to its end, unfortunately, it's getting darker every night. Even though I love when it is light all the time, the good thing about our evenings getting darker is that these kind of pastel skies appears more often. Suddenly it is not so awful about the autumn approaching(!). 
But an other thing that was not amazing about this night, was that it was the last time Amanda and I did something together. At least for 4 months, since she is moving for college in New York City next week. I will not babble here about how sad it is, but the main point is that I am going to miss her tremendously. 

Postat av: Annika

Jätte fina bilder :D

2013-08-10 @ 11:22:29
URL: http://blogofphoto.webblogg.se
Postat av: Jessica

Fina bilder :)

2013-08-10 @ 12:25:45
URL: http://www.jessicaantemyr.blogg.se
Postat av: JUNITJEJ

Underbara bilder!!!!

2013-08-10 @ 15:31:33
URL: http://www.junitjejen.se
Postat av: Daniella 🌙

Älskar sugrören!

2013-08-10 @ 15:33:56
URL: http://daniellachanelle.se/
Postat av: Sara

sjukt fina bilder :)

2013-08-10 @ 18:09:42
URL: http://sarajosefin.blogg.se
Postat av: Elsa

Så coola bilder!

2013-08-10 @ 18:25:48
URL: http://elss.devote.se
Postat av: evelina

hjäääälp vad fint cornelia! än en gång!

2013-08-11 @ 03:21:16
URL: http://www.evelinaronnback.blogg.se

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