Hills above ground

A while ago Amanda and I made a visit to a few hills and fields near by her house. It was one of those places where you realize that your town atually is incredibly beautiful. The surroundings in these pictures are doing half of the job really, but the key is to manage to capture them in the right way, which I think we did pretty well.
I also think these pictures have a kind of 60's glow at them. I guess the phone might be an important factor to that one, but also the colors and the fact that we are laying in the grass dressed up in long skirts and high heels - since that wasn't at all a rare or strange thing to do back then, like it, unfortunately is nowadays. Which, I think, makes it more important and fun to do it. So here we are, laying in the soft grass on hills above ground.

Postat av: william

skitläckra bilder:D

2013-06-24 @ 13:28:34
URL: http://canonguy.blogg.se
Postat av: Sofie

Snygg header!

2013-06-24 @ 14:18:47
Postat av: Sara

härliga bilder!

2013-06-24 @ 14:32:02
URL: http://sarajosefin.blogg.se
Postat av: Sofia

Snygga bilder :-)

2013-06-24 @ 18:20:38
URL: http://lovejournal.blogg.se/
Postat av: Sara Ekman

Så snygga bilder :)

2013-07-08 @ 13:03:33
URL: http://aamaziing.se/

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