Like the cherry on top

Jonas took these photos of me a few weeks ago and right after that I was supposed to post them, so  you could get a better hint of what my new shoes looked like. But since it has been so much going on the last few weeks before graduation and stuff, I haven't had the time. Now when things, like prom for example, have past I finally get o show these to you. As you probably can see I have used my circular flash in this photo session and I think it went perfectly with the feeling I was looking for. The contrast between my skin, dress and sunglasses came out really good and clear when editing, just as I had hoped. And I am so happy about the feeling my shoes are bringing to the pictures, they're like the cherry on top. 
However, the black velvet dress I found at the Red Cross a while ago and it has these cute flowers on it, but unfortunately they are really hard to spot here (at all..). Sunglasses are Cheap Monday and my shoes are Jeffrey Campbell from Envi Shoes and I actually bought them particulary for my graduation day, but I sort of couldn't wait until then.   
tack och hej leverpastej.

Postat av: En flicka som är stark

Fantastiska bilder!!

2013-06-07 @ 12:53:06
Postat av: Saara

fräcka bilder :)

2013-06-07 @ 17:07:03
Postat av: Junitjej

Vilka coola bilder!!

2013-06-07 @ 19:30:40
Postat av: Kitten

Awesome bilder!!

2013-06-10 @ 20:02:46
Postat av: ann-sofie

grymma bilder!

2013-06-12 @ 09:46:10

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