a mixed tape for the lady in pink

Here is the rest of the photos I showed you in a post about a week ago, you know the one with my most recent investments. Well anyways, here they are in their true colors. 
The egg-shaped sunglasses I recently bought at the Red Cross, has a touch of the 50's don't you think? Goes perfectly with my 50's bathing suit.
The tape recorder I bought this autumn at a second hand store in Gothenburg. The only thing missing right now is a few nostalgic tapes to mix it with. I had a lot of them when I was younger, which I guess  are up somewhere in the attic but only God knows where. 
This mini-light strand is one of my new investements which is not placed in my wardrobe. It didn't look like this when I bought it, I was inspired by Underbaraclara, so I also bought these crazy-pretty paper mugs and put them on the light strand. 
the sleeveless turtleneck I actually sewed a few weeks ago, and I absolutely love it. Real simple to do too and a really simple-looking garment, perfectly matched to a colored or patterned skirt. 
Both of the skirts I found at the Red Cross recently. The pale one might look like it's white, but it's actually a pastel-kind-of-yellow. Perfect for the easter-weekend coming up. The striped skirt in red and white is truly comfortable and I actually think it looks like a skirt directly taken out of the swedish children's movie called "Emil i Lönneberga" by the famous author Astrid Lindgren. That was one of my favorite movies as a child, so it makes me a proud owner of this special skirt. 
Lastly I wanted to show you my crazy-pink coat I bought about a month ago, also at the Red Cross. There is not a lot of garments you fall in love with, but this one was a truly love-at-first-sight-moment-garment and I don't say that a lot so this is very rare. I love the elegant feeling and the cut of it.
I haven't found the perfect day to wear it yet though, but now with the spring slowly starting to appear it will be much easier. 
And now I am in Tenerife, finally. We arrived a few days ago and everything is amazing here! There will be updates later on.
tack och hej leverpastej.

Postat av: JUNITJEJ

Vilka coola bilder!

2013-03-31 @ 12:17:35
URL: http://www.junitjejen.se
Postat av: Thea

Sjukt coola bilder! Hur tog du dem? :)

2013-03-31 @ 13:35:43
URL: http://theasspace.blogg.se/
Postat av: Sofia

Härliga bilder ;-)

2013-03-31 @ 19:32:54
URL: http://lovejournal.blogg.se/
Postat av: Y A S M I N E

Älskar dina skor!

2013-03-31 @ 21:21:47
URL: http://medy.blogg.se
Postat av: alexaaaa.blogg.se

Hur har du färgat håret?=) Hemma eller hos frisör?

2013-04-12 @ 20:52:41
URL: http://alexaaaa.blogg.se/
Postat av: shoupbuch

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Postat av: shouwukog

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2013-11-01 @ 13:41:58

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