investments doesn't necessarily rime with expensive

These three black and white photos are just a preview of the most recent investments in my closet. Except for the denim skirt in the last one and the striped Jeffery Campbell platforms in the middle one, those you've seen before. I will show you more about these garments later, but for now this is all you get. Think you could guess which color each of them are?  
Just a heads up; as you propably saw in the other post my hair has unfortunately lost its violet color and gone back to being blonde. So I went to my marvelous hairdresser to do something about it and so I am now silver colored. It doesn't show in these photos very well, but it will be much clearer in the next post. 
By the way, I don't think I have told you this but next week I am leaving this cold wheather in Sweden and going to Tenerife with one of my dearest friends Sofie for a week. I am over my head high excited. Just thought you should know.
tack och hej leverpastej. 

Postat av: Louise

Häftiga bilder!

2013-03-23 @ 09:38:33
Postat av: anna

snygga bilder!

2013-03-23 @ 10:51:49
Postat av: Fanny

Coola och bra (och lite obehagliga) bilder^^!

2013-03-23 @ 11:14:08
Postat av: P I X E L I E - Erica Pettersson

Häftiga bilder! Och jag gillar att de är i svartvitt :)
Hoppas du får en bra helg!

2013-03-23 @ 13:31:13
Postat av: Sara

fräcka bilder!

2013-03-23 @ 16:01:40
Postat av: conscious

Snygga bilder! Bandaren!! ;) Brukar leta ivrigt varje sommar på loppis efter en eller flera, brukar inte alltid följa med hem igen efter festivalerna :D
Inte lika enkelt att göra blandband längre dock! Härligt med semester också :)

2013-03-23 @ 16:19:54
Postat av: Beata


2013-03-23 @ 19:33:07

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