be careful what you fish for

summer is all around, or well.. let me rephrase that - summer is supposed to be all around at this time, but I haven't seen so much of it lately. We have had a few great hot summer days here in Sweden, but I was kind of hoping for more than those few moments. on the other hand, the summer isn't over just yet so I am still hoping it will explode very soon. 
so at the moment my life is filled with a lot of working days, thus the busy-ness, but I have had a few days of this week. In those few days I have managed both to take my driving license and bought a car with Jonas. So I can feel the adrenaline bubbling and the freedom coming. 
tack och hej leverpastej.

Postat av: rebecca

så snygg

2012-07-16 @ 12:40:01
Postat av: Michello

Sjukt snygga shorts!!!!

2012-07-16 @ 17:04:43
Postat av: Hayley

Cute outfit! i love it, looks super gorgeous on you! Love the photos aswell and your new lens :P

Hayley xx

Postat av: Angelica [foto&personligt]

Fina bilder! :)

2012-07-22 @ 13:05:17
Postat av: Clara

så grymt coola bilder! awesome pictures!

2012-07-27 @ 11:19:30
Postat av: Lebanezza

Gilla min sida på Facebook så blir de lättare att följa min blogg:)

2012-08-27 @ 13:52:39
Postat av: Niklas Andersen

SNYGGA bilder vid stolarna. Wöw

2012-09-09 @ 13:32:23

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