the floral cut offs couldn't bare it

the second day, of our week in London, we did a lot of different things. The subway in London is just amazing, even though it is a huge city, it only takes a few minutes to go from one place to another. we were pretty amazed by this so we travelled a lot between places. This made us believe that one day was three whole days, since we had experinced so many different things in one day. It was pretty much the feeling we had the whole week. 
That day we, among many other things, went to Oxford Street for round number one of shopping. It was crazy fun, I can asure you. I have never in my life, so far, witnessed as many crazy-good-looking clothes at one place. 
another, rather unexpected but fun, experience that day was a woman who suddenly stopped me to ask if she could take a street style picture of me. I said she could, so all of the sudden I was standing in the middle of Oxford Street in London, posing for a complete stranger. It was the first time that week, but not the last, it happened twice after that, in only one week. But I will tell you more about those times later. 
by the way, the bulidings in the backround pictured above we you can almost spot our hotel, it is only a few metres from where I'm standing. A beautiful neighborhood. 
hope you have had a great weekend and a good start of a new week, I have and I hope it will stay that way. God evening. 
tack och hej leverpastej.

Postat av: Pouline

grymma shorts!!

2012-10-02 @ 22:31:11
Postat av: Hayley

gorgeous outfit! you look so pretty in these photos aswell :)

Hayley xx

Postat av: Hanna

så otroligt fin är du!

2012-10-06 @ 11:41:57
Postat av: Dan Syndrom

Det ser verkligen härligt ut!!
Jag vill också åka! Men är det inte kallt^^

Svar: det var helt underbart! det borde du verkligen! vi hade sådan tur att just hela den veckan var det mellan 25-30 grader varje dag. helt magiskt!

2012-10-07 @ 17:18:44

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