adventures at night are the best kinds

here are the first official post about my trip to Tenerife I went on with my friend Sofie during the easter holiday. 
We got there on the maundy thursday at 5 pm and the sun was still up as if it was in the middle of the day and it was about 25 degrees (celsius) outside. 
First thing we did was to look at our room, which I will show you more about later on, and enjoy our amazing terrace before it was time to to eat dinner. 
The entire hotel was totally amazing. The Tenerife island has a lot of mountains so a lot of hotels and markets are placed pretty far up from the sea. Our hotel was one of them, which gave us this crazy-beautiful view over the sea and the city from our terrace. As you can see on the pictures above, the hotel had stairs everywhere and it was truly beautiful I must say.  
We hade two pools there, one more realxing and quiet and one with constant background music and entertainment. So every day we picked the pool that felt like the most suited one. The service was great and the food was really good. AND the beach was only 5 minutes away.
After the dinner we left the hotel for the frist time and went for a walk downtown to look around a little. It was a great feeling over the whole city; countless lights everywhere, people walking around, music playing from different restaurants and hotels, the werid but nice smell of being in another country, malls were opened and you could actually hear the waves from the sea. Experiencing other countrys like this, often feels a lot like every cliché you can think of don't you think? I'm amazed every time I realize that. 
However we had a marvelous first day and I can definitely recommend this hotel to all of you; Hotel Melia Jardines del Teide in Playa de las Americas.
tack och hej leverpastej. 

Postat av: Andrea

Vilka fantastiskt fina bilder du tar! Skulle också vilja ha ett fisheye-objektiv!

2013-04-16 @ 19:06:24
Postat av: Gabriella

Sjukt snygga bilder!

2013-04-16 @ 19:59:47
Postat av: Sofieeee

Åh jag har sanslös längtan tillbaka!

2013-04-16 @ 21:46:36
Postat av: mormor Ingalill

so nice

2013-04-16 @ 22:06:22
Postat av: Elin

Ååh, älskar bilder med fisheye, härliga! :D

2013-04-16 @ 22:52:15
Postat av: TannerFup

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