Let's be honest about organizing

Here is the other part of  Amanda's and my photo session pretending it's summer. The amazing thing about taking photos in a white bed near the window is the light, like in my room here, is that the pictures get a very clear and sharp impression of natural causes. Which makes the session-making a whole lot easier in contrast to other times.  Often you need to outsmart the system of your current surroundings and natural conditions, to get the feeling and special touch you are looking for. Even though having to plan, organize and figure out the best way to take a particulary photo are things I love about photography, since that is something I always enjoy doing, sometimes it is truly appreciated when everything is just going with the flow. Now let's be honest, isn't that something we enjoy whatever we are doing?  
However, I am wearing my striped Jeffrey Campbell platforms, my tie-dyed brace trousers and a cute white top with a knitted lace at the neck. 
tack och hej leverpastej. 

Postat av: Beatrice Jakobsson - Fotograf

Häftiga bilder! :)

2013-05-16 @ 13:18:23
URL: http://beattriicee.blogg.se
Postat av: Fantasy Realm ~ en fantasyblogg

Love it! :)

2013-05-16 @ 13:33:55
URL: http://fantasyrealm.se
Postat av: Snoorf'

amazing photots! Love the shoes!

2013-05-16 @ 15:24:16
URL: http://snoorf.blogg.se
Postat av: Julianna

Åh jösses vad fina bilder, och vilken fin blogg!

2013-05-16 @ 17:00:32
URL: http://juliannaas.blogg.se
Postat av: Emelie ▲ - Hobbyfotograf i Uppsala

Grymma bilder! Vad för objektiv använder du för att få det sådär vidvinkel typ..? :)

Svar: Tackar! Jag använder mig av ett Sigma fisheye 10mm ;))

2013-05-16 @ 19:57:15
URL: http://drunknight.blogg.se

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