something familiar as well as something new

Thought I would share two of the things that are reminding me right now of something really good, like over-the-top-happy kind of good if you know what I'm mean. Those things that keep coming and going all year round, which you can think of when other stuff don't seem too good. It could be things that are either reminding of what is about to come or that is already here. In this case it is about to come. 
The first thing is the signs of summer, that we are getting more and more of up here in north. Signs like buds in trees, flowers in the garden and off the street, birds twittering, being able to have the kitchen door open, sitting outside in only shorts without freezing. The wheather this time of the year varies like crazy between foggy rain with icy winds, and clear blue skies with a burning sun. Even though the cold winds are awful, I really love this time's changes because every day passing is a step closer to summer. 
The other thing is my new rainbow shoes that I got about a week ago. I ordered them especially for my upcoming graduation, but I have a feeling these will be one of the summer favorites this year. According to they are abolutely perfect for that particulary day, and any other day as well. And the white thing hanging in the background of the third photo, is actually my graduation dress, which I will show you more of later on. 
However, these shoes remind me of what is about to come. I must admit I, as many other, have the scary feeling of leaving everything that has been familiar for more than a decade of our lives. But in spite of all that I couldn't be more excited about the next upcoming episode of my life. I am not quite sure of what I want to do with my life yet, but there really is no rush. At least that's what I've heard and trying to convince myself. 
tack och hej leverpastej.

Postat av: Carro - trebarns mamman på Gran Canaria!

Oh Love the colors!!

2013-05-12 @ 18:47:29
Postat av: Anna

Åh vad söta!!! Som att promenera runt på godis

2013-05-12 @ 18:56:42
Postat av: lovisa/polichinelle

åh. sommarregnbågar på fötterna gör ju vilken söndag som helst hundra procent finare.

2013-05-12 @ 19:22:40
Postat av: KMstyle

vilka coola!

2013-05-12 @ 20:24:39
Postat av: Sabinus

Coola skor! snygg header !

2013-05-12 @ 21:00:36
Postat av: Terése Bouvier

Så häftiga skor! Jag har något av en regnbågsfetisch jag, så om de vore min stil annars så skulle jag köpt dem på stört... Grymt snygga!

2013-05-12 @ 21:04:21
Postat av: Marie Bergman

Haha, wow, vilka skor!!

2013-05-12 @ 21:13:28
Postat av: Matilda

grymma skor!

2013-05-12 @ 21:31:35
Postat av: Mamsen

Så söta!

2013-05-12 @ 23:08:35
Postat av: anna


2013-05-13 @ 00:12:56

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