Would Cinderella fit in this world

The past few weeks have been full of preperations for the high school prom and last night it all happened, it was time.
Prom has been something I've longed for since pre-school. It has always seemed like the perfect night, when everyone dresses up in their most beautilful dresses and suits. Then they arrive at the ball in fancy cars, to walk down the red carpet with either a princess och prince on their side. For one day you would get to live the life of Cinderella or Sleeping beauty, or in the boys' case the princes in these stories. It would be magical.
Since pre-school my expectations for this day had gone down a lot. The thought of being in a cinderella story didn't feel that realistic, so it was long gone. Yesterday I experienced this event and to be honest, even though I didn't feel like the actual Cinderella, I did feel like a princess during the whole night with my own prince by my side. Surrounded by other princes and princesses, we arrived in a fancy car, walked down the red carpet and even waltzed one time during the night.
I am glad I got to experience this night for many reasons, but one is that I realized that princes and princesses are actually for real and not only in the royal house in Stockholm. Even though it's a shame those sides of us are so rare in everyday life, at least I know they exist.
The point, however, is that I had a magical night at prom and these pictures are just a preview of what it and we looked like. 
tack och hej leverpastej.

Postat av: kristina

du var såååå vacker, ni båda var verkligen jättevackra!!! wow, och klänningen...!!! vart är den ifrån? hoppas ni fick en jättefin kväll!

Svar: Stort tack Kristina! Den är faktiskt sydd av mig och min mamma ;)) det fick vi verkligen!

2013-06-06 @ 18:55:44
URL: http://melodyofyou.blogg.se/
Postat av: evelina

åååh! såg dig på håll därborta och du var så himla himla fin! verkligen verkligen verkligen superfin! härligt att det blev en bra kväll!:)

Svar: ååh tack evelina!

2013-06-06 @ 19:45:46
URL: http://www.evelinaronnback.blogg.se
Postat av: Emelie Petersson

Åh, så fint :-)
Det ser ut som att ni hade det helt underbart :-)

2013-06-06 @ 20:31:36
URL: http://syrum.blogg.se/
Postat av: mormor Ingalill

Ja vad ska man säga så perfekt, så vackert och så fulländat, säger en stolt mormor.

2013-06-06 @ 21:14:24
Postat av: JUNITJEJ

Vilka underbara bilder!

2013-06-06 @ 21:21:07
URL: http://www.junitjejen.se
Postat av: michaela ♥

underbara bilder. och vilka fantastiska klänningar!

2013-06-07 @ 08:37:02
URL: http://minahjartanochjag.webblogg.se/
Postat av: Tilde

Fantastiska bilder! Du är himla duktig, du!
Ställ gärna en fråga i min frågestund också;)
Ha en bra dag! Kram:)

2013-06-07 @ 10:50:57
URL: http://tildeb.webblogg.se
Postat av: Sara Ekman

Fina bilder :)

2013-06-07 @ 14:30:49
URL: http://aamaziing.se/
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